Group Classes ~  
Group classes

Group Classes are designed to teach you how to dance in a team environment. You will have the opportunity to meet people and make new friends while expanding your dance skills.

  Price~  New Student Specials:


$20 ~ As you go / per lesson

Month to Month

Level 1 Specal ~ $50 ~1 month

One Course ~ $80.00 per month

Unlimited Courses ~ $110.00 per month

Membership Prices ~ 4 month minimum 

One Course ~ $60.00 per month

Unlimited Courses ~ $90.00 per month

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For 2 Students ~
1 Month Group Class + 4 private Lessons = $125 each

Salsa Classes~
Salsa Level I Salsa Level II Salsa Level III

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  Salsa Level I: Open to Beginners and to Those Who Would Like to Brush Up on Their Basics.
For brand new dancers, we will be "starting you out right”. This level is a one month program where you will learn the fundamental steps of salsa. This program includes learning where to place your hands, how to connect with every partner, and tips on the ways to look great on the dance floor and most important how to have fun!!

  Salsa Level II: For Dancers Who Have A Solid Understanding Of Their Fundamental Steps.
This level is a two months program where we will take you a step further by sharpening your technique and begin to apply
it to patterns executed with correct timing. By enhancing your connection, you will learn proper leading and following. In addition, you will learn new material each month. Each month’s sequence is the same level of difficulty so you may start your two-month program at any time.

  Salsa Level III: For Dancers Who Have A Solid Understanding On Follow/ Lead, Connection & Frame.
This level is a three months program where things get interesting!! With your new salsa knowledge we start to put together more complex patterns and styling. Take what seems like simple moves and turn them into unlimited, effortless patterns. After this program you will be able to Lead/Follow all level of dancers. Each month’s sequence is the same level of difficulty so you may start your three-month program at any time.

  Bachata: Open to every level of dancer.

Bachata is a sensual and sexy dance that originated in the countryside and rural, marginal neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic in the 1960's. The lyrics of Bachata songs are usually romantic and the body movements and steps
of the dance are comparable to the Lambada.
In this passionate dance we will teach you how to connect with your partner and move your body in every way possible.

  Samba: Open to every level of dancer.
Brazilian Samba- (as danced at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Samba is the stylish, exotic, highly energetic and fun dance of Rio de Janeiro. It is danced on the streets at Carnival.
(Samba from Rio de Janeiro is different to ballroom style samba so no dance partner is needed).

  Zumba: Open to every level of dancer.

The latest fitness craze to sweep the world. A fun, energetic and sexy cardio workout with easy to follow steps to exotic latin music and rhythms. 'Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!!!'
(Don't forget to bring water and a towel as you will sweat it out!)

  Drill Class: Open to every level od dancer

This class rotates every month between three elements; Body Isolation, Spin Techniques and Footwork. These classes are designed to teach you professional dance technique that will help you dance any dance well and correctly -- from Salsa, to Ballroom, to Latin to Country Western. You will learn critical dance skills such as:

Body Isolation: In this class you will learn how to move your body independent, body control, flexibility and individual style.

Spin Techniques: In this class you will learn how to, pivot, spot, balance and how to move from your center.

  Quick & Dirty: Open to every level of dancer.(Private Lessons Only)

In this class, each month we will rotate between four different dances. Bachata, Merengue, Cha-Cha and Traditional Salsa; in which we will teach you the basics but enough to get you out on the dance floor confidently and quickly!!

Cha-Cha: In this flirtatious dance we will introduce the basics and simple patterns utilizing many of your salsa skills!
Merengue: In this dynamic dance we will teach you how to move your hips and feet to the speed of light.
Traditional Salsa: In this lively dance we will teach you the different styles of salsa used around South America and the Caribbean.

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