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Omni Salsa is a premier dance studio dedicated to elevating our students' dancing abilities in various styles. We believe everyone should have an opportunity to experience the art of graceful and elegant dancing. With comprehensive dance lessons, our instructors will prepare you to own the social or competitive dance floor. Omni Salsa will help you discover new talents, improve your coordination, and impress all your friends!

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Omni Salsa offers dance lessons for beginners and committed dancers alike.

No experience is necessary to get started.

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Meet Our Instructors :

Mike Rodriguez:



Mike began dancing at a young age, after first being exposed to Salsa music at parties his family attended. He found himself drawn to Salsa and moving to its beats. By the age of 11, Mike was practicing dance on his own for a minimum of an hour a day. He was determined to perfect all the moves that he saw his older brother do with his friends (He says he was jealous)!

By the time that Mike was 14, he began experimenting with other forms of dance in Houston Tx. He joined a jazz team and eventually got the team to be interested in dancing salsa as well. At age 16, he enrolled in ballroom dancing classes. His instructor soon recognized his talent as a dancer and teacher and made him the main instructor for salsa group lessons at the studio. Mike's training in jazz, ballet and ballroom gave him the opportunity to further develop his own unique style of dancing and teaching salsa, while staying true to the roots of Latin dance.

Mike has performed at the N.Y. and L.A. Salsa Congresses and now has his own dance company, which performs at local and regional events in Houston Tx. He teaches people from ages 5 to 80, in group and private lessons. He also works with groups preparing for special occasions, such as weddings and quinceñeras.

Mike tells his students "If you can walk, you can dance". Mike takes pride in helping people who never thought they could dance, to move on the dance floor with the best of them.
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Jonathan Rodriguez





Dancing has always been a big part of Jonathan’s life. His exceptional skills and style of dancing has made him a popular and well-known Salsa dancer.

Jonathan is not only a very talented dancer, but he is also a top Salsa instructor. His detailed, easy-to-follow style of teaching, has helped many people -- young and old -- to learn this widely popular dance.

Jonathan has been dancing Salsa since 1990 and has been offering group and private lessons since 1997.
In addition to his weekly group Salsa lessons, Jonathan has taught lessons in numerous clubs and restaurants, at private parties, public events and at schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He has also performed/competed in many cities in the U.S., including Houston Tx. L.A and N.Y.

Before starting to teach Salsa full time, Jonathan worked with kids at an after-school program. He was popular with the children and their parents for his patience and his ability to get the kids to dance and have fun!



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